Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Coffee Stop Project

Hi, and welcome to the official blog of The Coffee Stop, an Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) proposal created for our school's I&E camp. Well, since you're here anyway, let us tell you more about our idea. Our company's name will be The Coffee Stop, and our slogan will be, "a whole new brew". Our name, The Coffee Stop, was created because our chain of stores is intended to be a coffee-focussed chain, where customers stop to purchase food and beverages for less than 5 minutes. Because our name is so long, we have decided to adopt a brand name, TCS, which stands for The Coffee Stop. This will let customers easily remember our name and brand, which equates to more publicity. Customers can create their own coffee using the coffee-makers and ingredients provided, so that it is to their taste, and so as to save money. The Coffee Stop business model also saves money because staff are not required to man the stores (the stores will be fully automated).

 The Coffee Stop will guarantee every customer the same, high-quality experience, called The TCS Experience.This customer experience means that every customer will spend less than 5 minutes in the store after they have chosen the coffee type at the machine. Not even Starbucks offers that! This will help them save time and money, because The Coffee Stop will use a self-service business model.

Well, that's our business proposal in detail. Thanks for visiting our site!
Note: No copyright infringement is intended by our name, brand-name and/or any part of our business plan.